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The good news is that it’s often cheaper than soft drinks like soda and fruit juice.

Moravia is a region known to the locals for its vineyards and boutique wines.

Breakfast in the Czech Republic is likely to be an assortment of breads, eaten with meat, cheese, eggs or jam.

At lunchtime, it is common for Czechs to dine out on soup (polévka) and two further courses, as the food is so reasonably priced.

Dort (cake), dumplings and crepes filled with jam or fruit, apple strudel, and trdelník (grilled dough coated with sugar and cinnamon) regularly feature on Czech dessert menus.

The Czechs have been brewing beer for hundreds of years so it will come as no surprise that some of their varieties are popular worldwide, with Pilsner Urquell, Budwieser-Budvar, Kozel, Staropramen and Lobkowucz being among the favourites.

Czech wines are generally not exported so trying them for yourself needs to happen while vacationing here.

Its beautiful capital city of Prague has picture-perfect scenery that thousands flock to witness first hand each summer.

Meanwhile Moravia in the east is split into a further four regions (Mikulov the largest).

Moravia is somewhat hilly and rolls into the Ostrava and Opava flat basins.

Given its reputation for incredible castles, a visit to Prague has to include seeing Prague Castle, which takes up a larger area than any other castle in the world.

Noted as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this immense complex has a history spanning 1,000 years.

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